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Do you think Artificial Intelligence will develop its own psyche?

We do. And we're determined to help it.

Combining Psychology and Artificial Intelligence

The development of a framework for artificial psychology, the impact of AI on humanity and AI enhanced human psychology


For a safe development of the artificial psyche.

Leichte Kulisse

In 2023, OpenPSAI has officially formed as an interest group that aims to build the bridge between Psychology and Artificial Intelligence (AI). We're conducting research and establishing frameworks for the various overlaps and interactions between the two disciplines. With the purpose of contributing to a safe future that includes AI, we view it as our responsibility to understand the psychological aspects relevant to Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) as well as the psychological impact that AI / AGI will have on the human psyche, and therefore society, now and in the future.

OpenPSAI is an interest group concerned with the intersection of AI and classical psychology. Our mission is to try and advance both fields by applying psychological methods to better understand today’s AI models from this perspective. Through this understanding we hope to improve the psychological outcomes of human’s that interact with AI and to contribute to the development of more advanced AI, AGI, in the future

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